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The company

The Vinova® wine closure is currently part of Indurub nv. In 2007 a new, separate business hall will be opened for Vinova®.

Indurub, founded in 1970, is a 100% Belgian family business in its second generation, led by Georges Vanderbeke, owner and current business manager of both Indurub and Bekina.

Bekina and Indurub have developed into European market leaders, exporting to more than 40 countries. Via the production of our polyurethane Bekina boots since 1962, we have built up considerable experience in the injection of foamed plastics. Injection moulding is also used by Indurub in the manufacture of spring elements, whereas the extrusion technique is used for the production of accessories for slatted bases. The know-how acquired in various plastics and elastic polymers in particular, together with a consistent R&D policy, have contributed to the development of a high-quality synthetic wine closure. With the help of a patented production system a unique product is offered with numerous advantages: the Vinova® wine closure.

Next to our technical know-how we also want to continue the strong market reputation and optimal customer service of Indurub and Bekina in the new Vinova® project.

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