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What are the advantages of Vinova® closures compared to natural corks?

  • Vinova® eliminates any risk of TCA or cork taste
  • No leaks, not even if wine is stored horizontally straight after bottling
  • Bottles bottled with Vinova® can be stored both horizontally and vertically.
  • No dust or bits of cork in the wine
  • Every Vinova® closure offers the same barrier properties, a plus compared to natural corks, where there is much more uncontrolled variation. This gives oxidised wines no chance.
  • Vinova®, and synthetic closures in general, are becoming increasingly accepted by the consumer.

What are the advantages of Vinova® closures compared to extruded closures?

  • Vinova® closures have a closed top and bottom , so the foam structure is not visible. The closed structure forms a better barrier and prevents interaction between closure and wine. The ends of Vinova® can also be personalised , a major plus compared to extruded closures.
  • Vinova® consists of 1 component, while co-extruded closures are made up of an inner structure and an outer skin. The walls of the Vinova® closure cannot curl up during bottling, which means leaks can be avoided .
  • Vinova® wine closures are produced ready for use with a chamfer. With extruded closures a chamfer can only be added after production, an extra step, which also creates dust.

What are the advantages of Vinova® closures compared to injected closures?

  • Vinova® closures are produced in a continuous process, whereas injected closures are produced injection by injection, i.e. discontinuously. With each injection the parameters are unavoidably different, which gives greater tolerances in the end-product . This can lead to random oxidation.
  • Thanks to its even cell structure, the Vinova® closure has greater sealing force and elasticity, which also remains constant for longer, guaranteeing optimal maturation of the wine.

What are the advantages of Vinova® closures compared to screw-tops?

  • There's no need to invest in new bottling machines to use Vinova®.
  • Special bottles are required for bottling with screw-tops, while Vinova® fits perfectly into standard bottles .
  • Vinova® retains the tradition of uncorking a fine bottle of wine: a "plop" still sounds better than a "scrrrccsch"


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