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the difference
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The difference

Indurub has years of experience in both injection moulding and extrusion. The benefits of both technologies have been ingeniously combined by our engineers in a wholly innovative, patented production process of which Vinova® is the successful result.

Vinova®, the different synthetic wine closure, guarantees the preservation of your finest wines by means of a unique production process and an organoleptically neutral elastomer compound.

Vinova® consciously opted for extrusion as the core production technique to guarantee a regular and equal foam structure and constant product properties.  This leads to a lasting improved elasticity, ensuring a perfectly controllable low oxygen transmission.

The closed ends of the Vinova® closure, a typical feature of injection moulding, limit the interaction between closure and wine to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, Vinova® warrants problem-free bottling and reinsertion thanks to the chamferred ends.

In short, thanks to its unique production process Vinova® has managed to combine the advantages of both technologies while at the same time avoiding their disadvantages.

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