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Initial market studies made clear the demand for a quality closure. While the Vinova® closure was being developed, the highest requirements were therefore placed on raw materials, production methods, internal and external testing. Finally, we succeeded in creating a high-quality closure meeting the particular demands of winemakers, wine growers and bottlers, marketeers and consumers: Vinova®, the different closure.

External laboratories

The food approved Vinova® closure is constantly subjected to testing in the Vinova® laboratory as well as in various renowned laboratories world-wide. Long-term comparative testing has proven that Vinova® guards the organoleptical character and natural flavours of your wines.
The following test reports are available on request.

Excell - France

  • Mechanical testing: dimensions, compression force, extraction force (cf. report May 2004)

Forschungsanstalt Geisenheim - Fachgebiet Kellerwirtschaft - Germany

  • Mechanical testing: dimensions, compression force, extraction force (cf. report September 2004)
  • Gas permeability (OTR test and sulphite test) (cf. report November 2005)

Chambre d'Agriculture de Gironde - France

  • Mechanical testing: dimensions, compression force, extraction force, relaxation force, leakage test (cf. report May 2005 + November 2006)
  • Gas permeability (chromatographic tests, SO2 tests, sensorial test) (cf. report May 2005 + November 2006)

  • Results at 18 months

Provisor - Australia

  • Gas permeability (OTR test and sulphite test) (cf. reports June 2005 and September 2005)

Pira - United Kingdom

  • Food approved: EC Directive 2002/72/EC, (cf. report November 2004)
  • Food approved: FDA (cf. report August 2005)

Internal laboratory

From the time production began we have striven to achieve optimum quality control. Therefore, when the first machine was installed, a complete laboratory was set up. An entirely new concept was devised to be able to monitor various parameters over a period of time.
New equipment was developed to quantify separately the various facets of the closure's sealing properties. The following tests are carried out daily:

  • dimensions
  • weight
  • extraction values
    - at room temperature
    - at refrigerator temperature
  • sealing force

Vinova® possesses a sophisticated traceability system, whereby various parameters are checked and stored for each batch and shipment. Each closure is given a batch number and reference samples of each shipment are stored separately.

ISO certificate

AIB Vinçotte - International

  • From the development of the very first closure, Vinova® was ISO 9001 certified. ISO standardisation is more than a label for the outside world. Our Quality Management works daily to optimise production and control processes.

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